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These are perfect for basting ribs, pork, wings, or even mixing in your favorite sauce to give your BBQ the perfect flavor. These glazes are sure to make your next cook a hit! From the competition trail, to the back...


​Triple 9 Bovine Injection & Marinade will add exceptional flavor to any cut of beef. So inject your next brisket or marinade your steak in it. You'll love the rich flavor and moisture this product adds.


Triple 9 Brine and Injection will help infuse a wonderful balance of sweer and savory notes as well as adding moisture to any type of poultry. Never serve dull dried out poultry again! 1.5 lb bag.  Contains: SOY


Triple 9 Pork Injection & Marinade will add a well-balanced natural pork flavor injected into your pork shoulder or Boston Butt or it can be used to marinade ribs, pork chops and pork tenderloins.


A savory rub for all things poultry, but also works well on all things pork!  So if you're looking for that perfect score during your next cook, reach for What The Cluck!  12.6oz