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12 pack of Stainless replacement meat hooks. Approximately 4.5" long For use with most Meat or Rib Hanging systems using 1/2" rod or smaller.


6" wide. 5" handle. 1/2" rod. Handle is Stainless. Rod is Carbon Steel. WELD ON ONLY


Heavy-Duty Trigger Sprayer with 28-400 neck finish.


Measures: 8" x 1" x .75" Serrated edge and sharp inner teeth easily removes core and seeds from peppers. Stainless steel blade with a soft handle. Great for small to medium size peppers. Dishwasher safe.


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Keep your K4L Drum cooker looking great all year long with our heavy duty custom fit cover.


LavaLock® Brand Thermometer port or Temp port Grommets are the best and highest temp grommets that we sell. Perfect for BBQ smoker Controller probes. Fits most BBQ pits with a 7/8" hole. Fits up to 14 guage without modification. Great...


Silicone flat head is high heat resistant to 400˚F/205˚C. Won't stain, retain odor, lose shape or bristles. The handle is acrylic. FDA approved. Dishwasher safe. Brush will be blue or red depending on availability


Measures: 5" x 9.5" x 1.5" Needle length: 3" Large capacity: 11 tsp./50ml Professional marinade/flavor injector with measure marks. Specially designed holes on 2 sides of the heavy duty needle dispenses the marinade evenly, exactly where you want it. Inject...


2.5" Stem Fully Adjustable 1/2" NPT w/ locking nut 50 - 550 F adjustable BBQ thermometer 3" adjustable with heavy duty site glass Stainless steel LavaLock brand Mechanical for durability and easy of use


Stainless bottle opener - attaches perfectly to your UDS! Approximately 2.5" wide by 3 1/4" long (mounting screws included).