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Years of winning in competitions has brought us to this point in cooking with science. You can now have a simple chicken brine recipe that will add moisture, flavor, and tenderness. This brine will dissolve using room temperature water, so...


Pork is one of those tricky meats that can dry out pretty easily if you aren't careful, and one of the best ways to prevent that is to soak it in a delicious brine that enhances the natural flavor and...


Hen Drench is our competition chicken brine that will bring added moisture and depth of flavor to your competition chicken. Works equally as well on Turkey and other fowl.


Poultry Primer is exactly what you need for making your poultry moist and flavorful. Inspired by the comforting flavors found in our hit rub, Homestyle, this brine and injection will send your chicken and turkey to a whole new level....


Are your chicken scores hit and miss lately? Are you looking for something that will put you in the top spots on a regular basis? This is THE SOLUTION for your chicken woes. Just a quick two hour soak and...


Triple 9 Brine and Injection will help infuse a wonderful balance of sweer and savory notes as well as adding moisture to any type of poultry. Never serve dull dried out poultry again! 1.5 lb bag.  Contains: SOY


The Steak Marinade is a powder that is mixed with beef stock to add an intense beef flavor and provide that perfect tenderness for any cut of beef. Combine The Steak Marinade with The Steak Rub for a competition level...


​Triple 9 Bovine Injection & Marinade will add exceptional flavor to any cut of beef. So inject your next brisket or marinade your steak in it. You'll love the rich flavor and moisture this product adds.


The BBQ Bus is known for their brisket scores and now have released Beef Show Beef Injection to bring home the scores in brisket. This 1LB bag of Beef Show Injection is the secret missing piece of your brisket process...


Fowl Play is competition chicken injection specifically created to elevate your chicken to the next level. The perfect combination of spices and phosphates for moist flavorful chicken with a proven track record of winning in competition BBQ. 13oz shaker 


Kosmos Q Cajun Turkey Brine


Kick your poultry in to high gear with this Blues Hog Rise & Brine flavor booster!  Add 1/2 cup Dry Marinade to 2 Cups Water of Juice for every 15 lb. of meat. Submerge or inject meat at least 30...