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Commonly known as Pink salt, DQ curing salt, curing salt #1, quick cure, Prague Powder #1 or Instacure #1, Sure Cure. Use with seasoning mixes that you will be smoking. Comes in premeasured amounts for convenience. 1/4 tsp (.04 oz)...


Encapsulated citric acid is used to give summer sausage, salami, pepperoni, and other sausages the traditional tangy flavor produced by fermentation when fermentation is not an option. Use 3 ounces encapsulated citric acid per 25 pounds of sausage, this is...


A great meat binder and substitute for other traditional meat binders such as Sure Gel or Soy Protein blend because it is a natural product which is GMO-Free and non-allergenic. A simple yet effective binder that is made from dried...


Easily add the taste of honey in easy to use Honey Granules without any of the sticky mess! 1lb bag​ Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Honey


PURE SMOKE FLAVOR - Our unique and state of the art distilling process allows us to extract a pure and clean smoke flavor from wood fire without any bitter aftertaste. We do not need to water down our recipe or...


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